• Projet Lyon 4EME I : Enrichissons nous de nos différences :

    Parce qu’il n’y pas plus extraordinaire que de s’enrichir de nos différences et que nos élèves de section internationale en sont un très bel exemple, nous avons décidé de partir à la découverte de l’Autre.


  • Bring the Bac to Life : Londres avec les 1ère et Tles :

    We believe that an exciting, educational trip to London is a must. Nothing we can say in class can compare to actual visits to The National Archives and the Imperial War Museum for the History curriculum, and to The Globe for the Language and Literature curriculum. This 2-night/3-day trip will take place from February 18th to February 20th.






  • FIPAF : 2ème édition du Festival de théâtre anglophone : 

    In May 2014, we launched our first International theatre festival - FIPAF (Fenelon International Performing Arts Festival) with a highly successful two day event in Grasse and St Raphael. Students participated in performance making workshops with the Etta Ermini Dance Theatre from London and saw performances from Fenelon's International Section, students from Mougins School and Etta's company. Everyone enjoyed themselves enormously and learnt much from our international visitors.



  • Dates et lieux des épreuves du Bac OIB;


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