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We are proud to announce that we have yet another published poet in our midst, Matias Dumas, runner-up in the Côte Poets senior students Poetry Competition.  His poem, 'Nostalgia's Blue Hand' is in the Côte Poets Literary Magazine.  Congrats to Laetitia Picard as her poem 'You Promised Me...' was recognised in the Highly Commended category and will soon appear on their website (  Hats off as well to Jean-Baptiste Picard whose poem was quoted in the introduction to the magazine. 


Nostalgia’s Blue Hands


Streams of memories

My mother used to read me stories

September 3rd, emotions whistling echoes

I used to wear yellow coats

Nostalgia's blue hands on my throat,

Birthdays with brothers

Celebrating Christmases, or maybe Easters

Unawareness and misunderstanding was a previous page

I believe I am now reaching a stage

Nostalgia's looking glass, upon my eyes

6 years old, back gardens were big

When it was actually just a London gig

I remember doing cartwheels at the park

I remember when nothing was gloomy or dark

When everything was a 20 minute sitcom,

But where's the over head laughter gone?

Blue hands around my neck,

Blue hands tighter and tighter

The tighter it gets to more I remember

The tighter it gets the more I want to forget


                        Matias Dumas

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