As part of their eco-awareness project and following the studying of the novel Unplugged, pupils of 5ème international held two formal debates in class, organised by their Language and Literature teacher, Mrs Llewellyn, and in front of their Head of Section, Mme Savary.
The motions of the two debates were:
  • DEBATE 1 : This House believes that it is a good idea to have a phone in holiday camp
  • DEBATE 2 : This House believes that social media helps you to socialize
The format used is a simplified version of British Parliamentary style debating in which a proposition teams supports a topic and an opposition team argues against it.
It requires the speakers to follow a strict set of codes and to use a formal register of speech. This activity helps students to
  • Put their knowledge into action
  • Have their own voice
  • Think on their feet and develop critical thinking
  • Develop persuasive speaking skills in preparation for activities such as MUN
The broader objective is to help the students become engaged citizens. Debating requires big questions to be viewed from different perspectives and in order to do this, students have to engage constructively with each other and collaborate.




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